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Interpretation in Saudi Arabia

 he company provides interpretation services and our services are accredited by all organizers of international and regional exhibitions and conferences
We have immediate interpreters familiar with the field of interpretation in Saudi Arabia and have the ability to cover any event or conference at any time, and have the experience to make them fully prepared to perform any task attributed to them.
Since interpreting has become the cornerstone of any conference and a bridge of communication at international and regional conferences for professionals from different places, the company carefully selects its interpreters so that they always offer the best to our customers who benefit from interpretation or oral services in general.
We have a large selection of interpreters to serve and accompany you accredited by all embassies, consulates, governmental and non-governmental bodies and ministries, so we choose the immediate interpreter carefully and carefully for the important role it plays when needed in different fields of legal, medical, technical, commercial, economic, engineering and technical. We also provide the interpreter service, which is supported by the courts, the judiciary, the Ministry of Justice, the Notary Public, the Immigration and Naturalization Department, the Investment Authority, the Commercial Registry Offices and the Chamber of Commerce.
The company, with its experienced experienced interpreters and a large sales interpreter, can cover all conferences, seminars, meetings, meetings and events, and provide the best for you, your company or its organization or organization.
We choose the best translators, best techniques, audio and audio equipment to ensure that there is no problem during the coverage of the conference so that this does not adversely affect the conduct of the conference, seminar, meeting or meeting. We have a well trained technical support team ready to deal with any problem that may arise. When filtering an interpreter, we make sure that it is fully prepared physically, physically and psychologically as these factors affect the translator’s performance.

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