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Our organization is accredited by all governmental and non-governmental agencies, embassies, organizations, and individuals.
If you are looking for an accredited translation company in Saudi Arabia or an accredited translation office, then you should be careful about the accuracy of the institution you are going to be certified, and in our company, you will find a certified translation, accuracy, competitive price, and speed in delivering the business.
We have a large selection of distinguished and accredited translators from all over the world performing the tasks entrusted to them with great professionalism so that every translator works in his specialization so that he performs the work entrusted to him, whether it is certified translation or certified interpretation so that we can work to the highest quality possible to gain the confidence of our customers. The company is one of the largest companies operating in the translation market, whether interpretation or consecutive, as we always strive for the best and are not satisfied with it. Where the company translates all languages ​​certified translation by all governmental and non-governmental agencies, embassies, authorities, companies, and individuals.
We always keep in mind accuracy, quality, and competitive price along with speed in carrying out business, and this is what gives us the confidence of our customers inside and outside the Kingdom. We work to provide certified translation services to our customers with accuracy, credibility, and professionalism.
We also work according to the steps and professional foundations when dealing with any file starting from the arrangements and procedures for submitting the file for the approved translation, and then we start the translation and at the end of it comes the stage of checking, editing and final review of the file to ensure the accuracy and quality of the translation completely, we always work according to these foundations being a translation office Certified, and in order to offer our customers from all governmental and non-governmental institutions, embassies, bodies, companies, and individuals an approved translation that satisfies them and meets their demands.

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Transforming the World of Professional Translation

Our translation services are certified by all embassies, corporations, institutions, and individuals.
The company provides certified and certified translation services for all types of written translation (certified legal translation – certified media and press translation – certified medical translation – certified technical translation – certified economic translation –  websites certified translation – language audit services – CV translation).
We provide document translation services (certified translation of birth certificate – certified translation of marriage and divorce covenants – certified translation of commercial records – certified translation of all commercial activities – certified translation from all embassies of the passport and certificate of movements and other documents – certified translation of medical reports).
We are a huge entity that operates according to the principles and rules that earn our business quality and speed of implementation, and therefore the trust of our customers, whether companies, institutions or individuals, as the client entrusts us with the work and he is fully confident that he will get the satisfaction of the approved translation, speed, quality, and competitive price.
We translate from and into all languages ​​certified and certified translation (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Czech, Swedish, Greek, Malay, Thai, Hindi, Urdu, Pashto, Swahili, Tamil … and many other languages ​​of the world), and we have a certified team of people from these languages.
For certified translation, we have foundations and elements, including quality, respect for time, coordination, and an appropriate competitive price. We always adhere to these foundations and elements so that we can have the confidence and respect of our customers from all governmental and non-governmental institutions, embassies, bodies, companies, and individuals.

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We Offer a Wide Range
of Translation Services

The company provides its clients from all over the world with accredited legal translation services, and the company has not had a great deal in this field, as we have specialized work teams in this field that have more than twenty years of experience, they are fully aware of the legal and customary differences between countries, as the translation of text Legal depends on the target country’s system and laws, and for this, we produce translated work of great quality, efficiency, precision, and approval from all countries, bodies, and institutions.
The company uses in some matters the company with its team of veteran auditors and legal so that the client gets a certified and reliable translation that is a strong argument for him, he uses in the courts and governmental and non-governmental institutions and institutions and companies and even with individuals.
The company provides all approved legal translation services (translation of contracts and documents, certified and certified legal translation – translation of agreements, certified and documented translation, whether its parties are states, institutions or governmental or non-governmental bodies – certified and documented translation of courts – certified and certified translation of judicial rulings – certified translation of legal agencies – translation Approved for international issues – Certified legal translation for all banking dealings – Certified legal translation for medical reports, especially forensic reports).
The company also offers (translation of documents, documents, and certificates certified translation – translation of contracts, agreements, and memoranda of understanding certified translation – translation of various legal texts and drafts certified translation – translation of laws, standards, regulations and legal systems certified translation – translation of court records, arbitration and judicial rulings certified translation – translation of human rights translation Certified – translation of immigration law certified translation – translation of property rights certified translation – translation of regulations and conditions governing the work certified translation – translation of international arbitration laws certified translation).
In view of the importance of this section of translation, the company directs its great attention and always aims to develop in this field and reach work to the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and accreditation.

The company provides simultaneous translation services and our services are approved by all governmental and non-governmental agencies, embassies, institutions, companies, and individuals.
We have certified interpreters ready to cover any event or conference at any time, and they have experience which makes them fully prepared to perform any task that is attributed to them.
And since interpretation has become one of the basics of any conference held and a bridge for communication at international and regional conferences for people of one profession from different places, this is why the company selects with great care its interpreters so that they always provide the best for our clients of interpretation or interpretation services in general.
We have a large selection of interpreters to serve you and accompany you, and they are accredited from all embassies, consulates, governmental and non-governmental agencies and ministries so that we choose the interpreter carefully and carefully because of his important role to play when needed. We provide accompanying interpreter service, and they are accredited to the courts, procuratorates, judicial bodies, the Ministry of Justice, the Real Estate Registration and Documentation Service, the Immigration and Nationality departments, the Investment Authority, the commercial registry offices, and the Tax Authority.

Experience in the Industry

Our Professional Translators are Native Speakers

All of our interpreters are verified as “sworn interpreter”.
With its accredited interpreters with extensive experience and interpretation in the company, the company can cover all conferences, seminars, meetings, meetings, and events and provide what is best for you and your company, organization, or corporation.
We choose the best translators, the best technologies, audio devices, and audio to ensure that no problem occurs during the coverage of the conference so that this does not negatively affect the course of the conference, seminar, meeting or meeting, and we have a well-trained technical support team that is fully prepared to deal with any problem that may arise. When nominating an interpreter, we make sure that he is fully prepared, healthily, physically, and psychologically, as these factors affect the translator’s performance.

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French 93%
Spanish 74%

“We invest in personnel, technological innovations and infrastructure and have established regional and international offices to continue to meet the growing demand of language services worldwide.”

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